Virgin Holidays – It’s getting hot out there

Virgin Holidays have caused quite a stir with their latest email as they have decided to cash in on the British heatwave.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this email (and the main reason why Virgin Holidays have smashed it) is due the temperature comparison of the recipient’s location in comparison to another sun soaked global hotspot of the same heat. This data capture is very much right time marketing and their timely approach is well received as it acts as inspirational content.

Linked to the location, is the personalisation of the recipient’s name that is appropriately centred and emboldened in the body copy of the email. This positioning really enforces the fact that they are at the centre of this email. Overall the copy is short and sweet and effectively whets the target’s appetite through desirable and dreamy comparisons and rhetorical questions. The CTA is simple. Three words “Extend your summer” is all that stands between Bury high street and Barbados’ beaches.

All in all, this email by Virgin Holidays promotes memories over money. It appeals to people’s aspirations.